Mission and Strategic Plan (2015 through 2017)


Bringing Value to our Members!

Our mission is to be recognized as the ultimate provider of products, education and service that empowers our members with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional service to their clients.


Doing business with integrity while successfully conducting our business with competency and professionalism while adhering to the REALTOR
® Code of Ethics.


  •  Professional Development
  •  Technological Development
  •  Effective Communication with our Members
  •  Educational Development and Advocacy for our Members
  •  Foster Member Involvement
  •  Maintain Legislative and Community Influence

Strategic Directions

1. Professional Development

  •  Create a strong ethics culture.
  •  Become an industry leader in the movement to improve ethical behavior.
  •  Provide new and continuing member training of Code of Ethics.

2. Technological Development

  •  Provide a cutting edge bundle of essential marketing and MLS tools and training for Members to use in the conduct of their practice.
  •  Ongoing enhancement of the Association Website for our Members and the Public.
  •  Continue to encourage a strong presence within industry shaping organizations.
  •  Provide MLS tools based on value for all of our members.

3. Effective Communication with our Members

  •  Augment and strengthen the Office Liaison Program.
  •  Develop a regular and meaningful exchange of information with all media resources.
  •  Facilitate an efficient synergy between Association Leadership, Directors, Committee Chairs and Staff.

4. Educational Development and Advocacy for our Members

  •  Provide MLS tools training to both offices and members at large.
  •  Develop educational opportunities that fit the varying needs of all members.
  •  Coordinate closely with Women’s Council of REALTORS® on Educational programs.
  •  Provide and distribute information regarding the value and benefits for members through participation in RPAC.

5. Foster Member Involvement

  •  Encourage Committees and task forces to integrate more Members.
  •  Involvement by Leadership, Directors, Committee Chairs and Committee Members to motivate participation and collaboration at the Association Marketing Meetings and networking functions.
  •  Create a self-perpetuating mechanism for nurturing future leadership for the Association; continue to develop and enhance Young Professionals Network.

6. Maintain Legislative and Community Outreach

  • Strengthen the annual major fundraisers for the Public Benefit Foundation.
  • Encourage and actively support REALTOR® candidates for public office.
  • Investigate the value and need for a Government Affairs Director.
  • Continue to expand outreach of consumer engagement activities;
                 ♦“Voice for Real Estate”
    ♦Value proposition of using a REALTOR®
                ♦Public engagement in legislative/political issues that impact real estate
                Participate/fundraise in charitable/community organizations
  • Promote the importance and participation in the Real Estate Fraud Advisory Team.
  • Participate in Calls for Action delivered through the REALTOR® Action Center.

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