Consumer Complaint Process

Getting Started

If you are encountering issues with a REALTOR® of Conejo Simi Moorpark Association of REALTORS® (CSMAR), you have FREE options available to you.

Our Ombudsman Program allows for a quick response to your real estate inquiries or issues with a REALTOR®. The role of the Ombudsman is to settle disputes you may have and open the doors of communication. This program is FREE to use.

The Professional Standards Coordinator is happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction. Send your questions to Linda M. Conaway at (800) 446-3646.

Ombudsman Program

If you are in a dispute with a member of CSMAR, your issue may be resolved through the use of our Ombudsman Program and avoid the lengthy formal complaint process. This program is designed to have an experienced member contact both parties and attempt to resolve the matter in an informal way. This is a FREE service.

Ethical Complaints

Open and constructive discussion can often resolve questions or differences between you and your REALTOR® eliminating the need for further action. If you feel the Ombudsman Program is not the right option for you, or have a grievance still after participating in the Ombudsman Program, you may file an ethics complaint.

Please keep in mind that only REALTORS® are subject to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the California Association of REALTORS®’ (C.A.R.) Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.  See more information from C.A.R. on Ethics Complaints, Arbitration Requests and Related Information and from NAR on Ethics Complaints.

If the real estate professional (or his/her broker) you are dealing with is not a REALTOR®, your only recourse may be the state real estate licensing authority also known as the Department of Real Estate.

Request for Disciplinary Complaint

The following information and forms will assist you in filing a disciplinary complaint with the Conejo Simi Moorpark Association of REALTORS® (CSMAR):

  1. A Complaint Form (Form D-1) and Instructions
  2. Request for Ethics Advocate (Form D-23)
  3. Ethics Advocate Acceptance (Form D-23A)
  4. EA Communication Preference (Form D-23B)
  5. National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics
  6. CSMAR’s MLS Rules and Regulations
  7. California Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual

If you desire assistance with completion of the Complaint Form (Form D-1),

A list of Ethics Advocates (EA) is provided for your convenience (following Form D-23A). The EA will help you complete the disciplinary complaint and other required forms. In addition, at your option, the EA can represent you at any hearings that may be held in connection with this case and assist you through the hearing procedures. There is no cost for the use of an EA. If you wish the assistance of an EA, please complete and return:

Request for Ethics Advocate (Form D-23)
Ethics Advocate Acceptance (Form D-23A)
EA Communication Preference (Form D-23B)

Please Note: In order to use the services of an EA, you must agree to hold the Association harmless and waive any claim for liability against the Association (CSMAR) or the EA for the conduct of the EA in assisting you.

If you do not wish the assistance of an EA, there is no need to return Forms D-23, D-23A and D-23B.

Please be advised that in order for a complaint to be considered filed timely with the Association, the complaint must be filed within one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days after the facts constituting the alleged wrongful conduct occurred. You must file within the time limit, even if you are assisted by an EA. Also, you may want to become familiar with the California Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual as this is the set of rules that are used to process complaints filed with the Association. Finally, since the Association is not a governmental entity, it does not have authority to take action regarding the licensing status of its members.

If you have any questions regarding the filing of your complaint or the information enclosed, please feel free to call Linda M. Conaway at (800) 446-3646.






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