Help Protect Your Livelihood

What does the REALTOR® Action Fund do?

• Raises money to help promote the values, attitudes and beliefs of organized real estate
• Remains vigilant against potential public policy threats i.e.  laws, taxes and regulations 
• Fights costly and time consuming point of sale bills, independent contractor withholding, statewide service taxes 
• Preserves dual agency, mortgage interest and deduction
• Supporting RAF is not a political decision but an important decision to protect your business

Why is the REALTOR® Action Fund important? 

• 35% of all proposed legislation introduced in Sacramento impacts REALTORS®. That amounts to about 2,000 bills every year. 
• C.A.R. will issue an email “Red Alert” whenever there is a critical piece of legislation pending. The alerts will request you to contact your state legislators to voice your support or opposition. Watch your inbox and make sure you are in the know when an alert comes out! 

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